Monitor & Record All Your Employees' Screens.

Install always on recording on all your company computers and use the desktop screen capture capability of modern browsers for employees working remotely on their personal devices.

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The Benefits Of Our Platform

Effectively monitoring your employees is an essential part of every business. However, in this new world dominated by a remote workforce, it can be hard for management to streamline workflows effectively. Using you’ll have a record of who did what, when and how. You can see every bug or misstep by an employee as if it were happening right in front of you, and use that data to make the required corrections to your processes with unparalleled efficiency. A business executed around making informed choices powered by a robust employee monitoring system will have lower error rates, increased security, better transparency, and less overall administrative overhead.


The ability to turn back time and evaluate how employees have completed their work has helped us immensely in streamlining our processes — especially in our distributed workforce environment.


Kevin Brown
CEO at Avanta Risk Management

Additional Features


User Management

There are two types of sub-accounts on our platform: employees and managers. Employees log in to broadcast their screen, making it available for live monitoring and automatic recording. When managers log in they can view recordings, create/edit schedules, and address the schedule violations as they occur with any of the employees assigned to them. In addition, both sub-account types and manager/employee assignments can be quickly imported from an excel spreadsheet.

Live Monitoring

Both managers and admins can monitor up to 4 remote employee screens per browser window. If you have a multi-monitor set up you can simply open a new window to add an additional 4 employee screens per additional monitor.


When employees are assigned a schedule, they are expected to be logged in and have their screen recorded during that period. If they fail to do so, a schedule violation will be generated, and optionally the employee, manager(s), or admin can be notified via email, text, or both. Furthermore schedule violations can be notated by an admin or manager, and assigned a status. Schedules can also be imported quickly from an excel spreadsheet.


You can select the video quality that makes sense for your specific usecase. Recordings are sent to the server in chunks and can be viewed individually in segments, or you can export up to an hour of continuous video.


Pricing Tiers



Per User Per Month
  • # of Accounts: 1+
  • Live Monitoring: Yes
  • Storage Per User: 50 GB
  • Extra Storage: $.04/GB
  • Data Transfer: $.40/GB
  • Text Messages: $.01 Each



Per User Per Month
  • # of Accounts: 25+
  • Live Monitoring: Yes
  • Storage Per User : 100 GB
  • Extra Storage: $.04/GB
  • Data Transfer: $.40/GB
  • Text Messages: $.01 Each



Per User Per Month
  • # of Accounts: 100+
  • Live Monitoring: Yes
  • Storage Per User: 250 GB
  • Extra Storage: $.04/GB
  • Data Transfer: $.40/GB
  • Text Messages: $.01 Each


Q. Does your service use encryption?

A. Absolutely! We ensure that every technical, physical and administrative safeguard is in place to protect the integrity of your data.

Q. Can I run Log Screen on my own private cloud?

A. Yes you can! Just email us at to inquire about a commercial license.

Q. How long are recordings stored for?

A. By default forever, though you do have the option to automatically delete recordings after a specified amount of time.

Q. How long can I record an employees screen for?

A. There is no a limit. Because we send the data to the server in chunks, it can go on for as long as needed.

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